The SafeConnect Difference

SafeConnect® Component


DC Power Supply

Safer, lower voltage power supply with use of a safety circuit to establish connectivity

Drive-off Protection

Protects from accidental “drive-aways”

Smart Plugs

Enables communication between docking station and Truck-Trailer Kit

Tamperproof Plug Face

Exceeds industry standards and prevents inadvertent power supply

Arc Enclosure

Eliminates risk of shock when engaging/disengaging plugs, if operator forgets to first turn power off

Contains Plug

Other systems require that you buy their plugs separately

Contains 6-Wire Cable

System includes specialized 6-wire cable

Strain Relief Mechanism

Protects the cable to increase longevity

Durable Weatherproof Control Panel

Protects electrical components

Illuminating Lights

Creates better visibility and awareness of power status

Tamperproof Enclosure

Protects from vandalism – allows access to only those that are certified/authorized

UL Listed

Each system is individually tested and UL approved

Driver Friendly

Little burden on the driver/operator to plug in, which creates more efficient use of infrastructure

Electrician Preferred

Installs easily with simple instructions and electrician preferred components