If it’s not SafeConnect®, it’s not safe.

SafeConnect is the safest electric standby connection system for vehicles with temperature control systems. SafeConnect’s patent-pending design eliminates the risk of shock and electrocution to drivers while safely reducing fuel consumption, decreasing carbon footprint and dramatically improving operating efficiency.

SafeConnect’s unique design features include:

Anti-Arcing & Drive-Off Protection
Other Electric Standby Connection Systems pose serious safety threats when not connected or disconnected properly, presenting a large liability issue. With SafeConnect, our unique quick-release adaptor immediately stops power flow to standby units, eliminating the issues of arcing and livewire risk as well as electrocution in cases of accidental ‘drive-away’ or improper disconnection. This feature also eliminates the risk of accidental electrocution due to vandalism.

Rugged, Weatherproof Design
SafeConnect’s rugged design makes it safe and easy to use in any weather – rain, snow, or sleet. Simply plug the docking station’s patent-pending 6-pin plug into the SafeConnect device. No shock, no surge, no risk of electrocution. If you can plug in a lamp, you can plug into the grid – and start safely reducing your diesel consumption.

Electrician Preferred Components
The electrician and driver preferred two-part truck-trailer Kit/Docking Station Connection System installs easily, is simple to operate, and is built to last.