SafeConnect® allows vehicles with climate controlled storage to safely utilize electric standby power without the risk of electrocution.

Atlantic Dynamics, a leader in the research, development and deployment of cost effective, energy efficient accessories for the trucking industry, today announced the release of their new product, SafeConnect® – an electric standby connection system for trailers with refrigerated storage. SafeConnect’s leading-edge, patent-pending design eliminates the risk of shock and electrocution.


Safe, efficient and green, SafeConnect is the only electric standby connection system that allows vehicles with climate controlled storage to SAFELY utilize electric standby power without the risk of electrocution due to arcing or live wires. Atlantic Dynamics claims that it is the only 100% safe electric standby connection system on the market today.


“Other Electric Standby Connection Systems pose serious safety threats when not disconnected properly and present a large liability issue,” said Sarah Gray, Product Manager at Atlantic Dynamics. “With SafeConnect, our unique, 6-pin quick-release adaptor immediately stops power flow to standby units, eliminating the issues of arcing and livewire risk as well as the potential for electrocution in cases of accidental ‘drive-away’ or improper disconnection of the refrigerated trailer. This feature also eliminates the risk of accidental electrocution due to vandalism.”


SafeConnect’s rugged design is safe and easy to use in any weather – rain, snow, or sleet. The electrician and driver preferred two-part Trailer Kit/Docking Station Connection System installs easily, and is built to last. The docking station’s patent-pending 6-pin plug connects easily to the SafeConnect device without risk of shock, power surge, or electrocution.


“If you can plug in a lamp, you can plug into the grid,” says Sarah Gray. “SafeConnect allows you to start safely reducing your refrigerated transport diesel consumption, and reducing fuel